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Locker Parts and Accessories
Lock Options
Can be used with standard locker handle, and retrofitted to existing installations. For ordering information, contact your local Lyon dealer or factory representative.
Safe-O-Mat Locking System

A coin-deposit locking system for facilities that desire self-service temporary locker storage, using conventional-style lockers. Ideal for student unions, employee lounges, health clubs, shopping malls, etc. Designed to be installed in the same manner as a built-in combination lock, and can be retrofitted to most existing lockers. Available from manufacturing schedules only.

  Flat-Key Locks

Same lock fits all Lyon Lockers except Personal Effects & ExchangeMasterŽ. Easy to install and furnished with two keys.

Master-Keyed Combination Padlock
Master-Keyed Combination Padlock

Slope-Top Kits
Convert standard 5000 Series Lyon Lockers into sloping-top lockers quickly and easily. Kits are packed either three wide or bulk quantity of 40. A package of 3 consists of: three slope tops, two ends (L & R), two interim supports, and hardware and assembly instructions. Bulk packages consist of: 40 slope tops, 40 interim supports, and hardware and assembly instructions. Bulk pack ends must be ordered separately.


Not to be used on expanded metal lockers.

Sizes W x D Kits Cat. No. Tops Cat. No. Ends Cat. No.
  Packed 3 Wide Bulk Pack of 40 Bulk Pack of 20 Pair of Ends
12" x 12" 5830 5841 5842
12" x 15" 5831 5846 5847
12" x 18" 5832 5851 5852
15" x 15" 5833 5856 5847
15" x 18" 5834 5861 5852
18" x 18" 5835 5866 5852
Sloping-top lockers are available from manufacturing schedules at a slight additional cost.

Closed Style Bases

Closed Style Bases

Locker rooms take on a neater appearance and become easier to keep clean with Lyon Closed bases. Quickly attach without tools.

End Bases
Only required at exposed ends.
No.5803 - 12"w x 6"h
No.5804 - 15"w x 6"h
No.5805 - 18"w x 6"h
No.5806 - 21"w x 6"h
Front Bases
No.5800 - 12"w x 6"h
No.5801 - 15"w x 6"h
No.5802 - 18'w x 6"h
  Available in Dove Gray (DD), Putty (PP), Wedgewood (BB). Specify color by using two prefix letters.

Top Closures/Fillers
Used to close space between two tops when obstruction prevents installation of a locker. Can be furnished on flat or sloping tops.
For Corners For Corners Lockers With 6" Legs
W x D Cat. No.
12" x 12" 5900
15" x 15" 5901
18" x 18" 5902
W x D Cat. No.
12" x 12" 5903
15" x 15" 5904
18" x 18" 5905
W x D Cat. No.
7-1/2" x 66" 5906
7-1/2" x 78" 5907
13-1/2"w x 66" 5910
13-1/2" x 78" 5911
For Tops Of Lockers For Tops Of Lockers Lockers With No Legs
W x D Cat. No.
9-1/2" x 12" 5922
9-1/2" x 15" 5923
9-1/2"w x 18" 5924
15-1/2" x 12" 5925
15-1/2" x 15" 5926
15-1/2" x 18" 5927
W x D Cat. No.
9-1/2" x 12" 5916
9-1/2" x 15" 5917
9-1/2"w x 18" 5918
15-1/2" x 12" 5919
15-1/2" x 15" 5920
15-1/2" x 18" 5921
W x D Cat. No.
7-1/2" x 60" 5912
7-1/2" x 72" 5913
13-1/2"w x 60" 5914
13-1/2" x 72" 5915
  Available in Dove Gray (DD), Putty (PP), Wedgewood (BB). Specify color by using two prefix letters.

Floor Anchoring Systems
In the interest of safety, Lyon strongly recommends that lockers be floor and/or wall anchored.

For Conditions other than outlined below, please contact your local Lyon factory representative.

Locker Foot For Locker With Legs

When backs are exposed (free-standing) a locker foot is recommended for all locker legs. When backs are against a wall and suitably wall anchored, locker feet are recommended on front legs only. For more details, see assembly instructions packed with lockers.
No. 5870

  Anchoring Angle For Lockers Without Legs

Locker Anchoring Angles (running from front to rear on the inside bottom of the locker) provide a bearing surface for the fasteners which are connected to the floor or locker base. For the typical continuous-row locker installation, order one locker anchoring angle for each end of a row, plus sufficient quantity to provide angles on 36" centers. On single-row installations where backs are against a wall, lockers should be suitably wall anchored as detailed in assembly instructions packed with lockers.
No. 5872 - For 12"d lockers
No. 5873 - For 15"d lockers
No. 5874 - For 18"d lockers
No. 5875 - For 21"d lockers

Touch-Up Spray Paint Cans
Pressurized spray paint for fast, easy touch-ups. 4-1/2 oz.

Dove Gray


Wedgewood Blue